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SCC Partners Group, LLC, a Colorado Limited Liability Company (the “Company”), offering of 488 pristine Rocky Mountain acres, which includes a 77 acre natural lake and a very high volume, high quality alpine spring with fully adjudicated water ownership and use rights.  The proceeds from this offering will be used for the construction of a highly efficient water bottling plant and associated infrastructure, and to develop the VASPEN™ premium bottled water brand in the U.S. and international markets.    The Company further plans to develop, using future capital investments, this beautiful site into a premier vacation home destination, including a resort and spa.  This will further capitalize on the name branding of the “VASPEN™” banner.

SCC Partners Group, LLC will be rolling out VASPEN™, its new entry into the fast growing premium bottled water market segment which includes recognized high-end “bottled at the source” still and carbonated waters. The water will be one of a very few U.S. based “bottled at the source” premium water products on the market.